February 2018 Box

We hope you enjoyed the February box!

Velvet Beanie

This month, our talented artisans have created a fun new item that reflects this season’s hottest trend – velvet! This adorable velvet slouch beanie was made by a group of men and women who are refugees from Burma, Iraq, and Uganda.

One of our newest artisans, Methode, owned his own shop back in his home country of Uganda where he worked as a tailor. Methode is so thrilled to be able to use his talent again now that he has been relocated to the US with his wife and 5 children.

Cuff Bracelet

Recent statistics show that India has the largest poverty rate in the world, accounting for one in every three people living below the poverty line worldwide. At the same time, the gender gap in India is ever widening, meaning that women, especially those who are single or widowed, are increasingly marginalized.

Handmade Pride works to empower disadvantaged families in India by supporting education for the poor and creating responsible and ethical opportunities for work. This unique bracelet was made by impoverished women who are seeking a sustainable and safe income for their families.

Hand and Lip Balm

This balm is from Thistle Farms, an organization based in Nashville, TN, whose mission is to heal, empower, and employ women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction.

These survivors are provided with safe housing and work opportunities including development of a variety of natural home and body products like this one!

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January 2018 Box

Happy New Year! Thank you for starting your year by supporting refugees, survivors of human trafficking, and other people in vulnerable circumstances through your Anchor of Hope Box subscription.

January Box

subscription box

Wallet by Hmong Tribe

The first item in our January box is a wallet made by the Hmong Tribe in Thailand. The Hmong Tribe is a highly persecuted people group that has been largely displaced from their homelands in Southern China. Despite political persecution and the heartache of displacement, the Hmong have become known for bright, expressive textiles and intricate embroidery. These exciting colors and prints stand in stark contrast to the groups difficult past, and we hope their spirit of optimism will inspire you for the year ahead!


Necklace by Anchor of Hope Artisans

Next, you’ll find a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry by our own artisans. This month, the group of local refugees and survivors of human trafficking is made up of women from Syria, Eritrea, and Sudan. Many in this group are mothers who stay home with small children while others are unable to work due to health concerns, so their work with Anchor of Hope Box is largely their only income. Your support of Anchor of Hope Box continues to help them heal and thrive.


Greeting Card by Hong

The last item in this month’s box is a greeting card made by Hong, a survivor of human trafficking who uses watercolor to heal from past hurts. Hong began painting while living in a shelter for survivors and her art has become an incredible outlet for the hurt and negativity of her past. It is a process that brings her incredible peace that she now shares with you.

hand painted greeting card

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What was your favorite item in this month’s box?


December 2017 Box

December 2017 Box

Thank you for celebrating the holiday season with Anchor of Hope Box! When you purchase or gift an Anchor of Hope box, you support refugees, survivors of human trafficking, and other men, women, and children living in vulnerable circumstances around the world.

First Item: Basket from Sole Hope

The first item in our special holiday box is a basket from Solo Hope, an organization that helps female artisans in Honduras provide for their families during desperate circumstances. The basket is handmade from pine needles and thread! Its profits help artisans overcome extreme poverty in an empowering way. We hope this beautiful piece finds a special place in your home and reminds you of our friends around the world.


Second Item: Handmade Ornament from Local Refugee Artisans

You’ll also find a beautiful handmade ornament from a local group of refugee artisans. This group started as an English class and has now grown into a special assembly where volunteers teach refugee women how to sew and crochet to help supplement their families’ incomes. Many of these women stay home with small children, so this group gives them the opportunity to work from home. One participant commented that she was so happy because this was her first time making her own money since coming to the United States. Your support continues to make moments like this possible!

Third Item: Bracelet by Anchor of Hope Artisans

The last item in our December box is a bracelet that was handmade by our own Anchor of Hope Box artisans – a group of local refugees and survivors of human trafficking. This group meets monthly to learn new crafts and create sustainable incomes for their families. In some cases, this is the only income these families receive. Your continued support allows these families the dignity of work, the support of community, and the enjoyment of knowing their handmade items are loved by people around the country. Despite their difficult backgrounds, this program gives them hope for the future.

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We wish you a joyful holiday season!


November 2017 Box

November 2017 Box

In our November box you’ll find an embroidered choker from an organization called Darzah. This beautiful choker can also be worn as a wrap bracelet and is embellished with a traditional Palestinian embroidery called “tatreez.”



This special type of embroidery is a Palestinian tradition that is usually passed down from generation to generation, mother to daughter. Darzah’s mission is to create economic opportunities for artisans and their families while also celebrating this beautiful Palestinian art. The women who participate in this project are refugees that live in the northern West Bank, an area where poverty rates are some of the highest in the region. This project provides training and job opportunities to some of the women who need it most.

Next, you’ll find a beautiful handmade luggage tag from Haiti Made, just in time for the holiday travel season!



Haiti Made, an organization created by the Hands and Feet Project, employs trafficking survivors, young adults transitioning out of orphan care, and other Haitians in need of empowering, sustainable work. The organization is working daily to diminish poverty and fight the orphan crisis in Haiti by providing dignified jobs and creating quality products.

Also included in this month’s box is a star garland from Prokritee, a non-profit company that provides underprivileged artisans in India with fair trade work.



Their programs focus on the dignity and creativity of every single worker. This garland will be the perfect addition to your holiday decorations and can stay up all year round!



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October 2017 Box | BONUS video review

October 2017 Box | BONUS video review

Our October box includes four amazing products, two of which come from Anchor of Hope’s own artisans!

The first item is a beautiful earring set made by Marwa. Marwa is an Iraqi refugee whose strength and resilience are nothing short of remarkable. Her work with Anchor of Hope helps her provide for her family, including her sweet toddler.

Next is a loose leaf tea blended by Khadra, a refugee from Sudan who works hard to support her two young daughters. She was so excited to work on this project for us!

We have also included a tea infuser that is not refugee-made, but is a gift from us to help you enjoy your tea. To use it, simply fill the infuser with loose leaf tea and pour boiling water over it, steep for 3-5 minutes, and enjoy!

Watch our in-real-life (fun and somewhat wild-like) tea tasting below!

The third item in this month’s box is a “Children of the World” notepad from UPAVIM Crafts, an organization that helps women living in violent Guatemalan communities to overcome difficult circumstances. This adorable notepad is great for jotting down your thoughts or making lists!

The final item included is a trivet made by impoverished women in Haiti through 2nd Story Goods. For these women, making money through the selling of handmade goods is a way to keep their daughters in school. Staying in school and receiving essential education is the most effective way to keep these girls from being trafficked.

We hope that this trivet will make a colorful addition to your kitchen and remind you of the hope you provide by supporting these amazing women. We hear that they literally dance for joy when they receive an order from Anchor of Hope!

Thank you for the joy you create when you support Anchor of Hope Box. Would you consider snapping a picture and sharing your favorite item online? The more people who support Anchor of Hope, the more hope we spread to those in need. Thank you again!