February Box

The items in this month’s box come from a variety of people and ministries whose stories will grab hold of your heart. We are so thankful for the way your purchase is empowering vulnerable people around the world.
In your box you’ll find a fabric journal from Rahab’s Rope, a sheepskin or leather eyeglasses case from 2nd Story Goods, and a pineapple shaped dish made by our own artisan, Naw Moe. Rahab’s Rope is an amazing ministry that helps girls and women who have been forced into the commercial sex industry in India find restoration. The ministry begins by caring for these women emotionally and physically first, then providing education and skills training to help them re-enter their communities in a positive way.
2nd Story Goods is another ministry that is working to provide a better life for the people it serves.  Based in Haiti, the ministry provides extremely impoverished women and families a way to earn a living wage. By giving them a new way to sell their handmade goods, 2nd Story Goods helps the most desperate families find hope and purpose.
Naw Moe is a refugee from Burma whose project for this month has taken on more significance than we imagined. Her pineapple dishes are more than a cute decoration (although they are that too!). The pineapple shape of the dish is a representation of hospitality and welcome, qualities that are vital to the mission of Anchor of Hope and other refugee ministries. This project was in the works before the Executive Order and refugee crisis was in the news, and the irony is not lost on us.  We hope that you display this dish in your home as a reminder that we have the opportunity to bring change to the world when we are welcoming.
Thank you, again, for your support of Anchor Of Hope !

January Box – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We are excited to begin a new year focused on loving and empowering those who need it the most. Your January box includes an inspiring cuff bracelet, a crocheted mug cozy, and delicious roasted coffee, all made for you by refugees who are working hard to support their families.
This month’s cuff bracelet was crafted by a refugee woman named Naw Moe. She hand stamped a heart onto the back of each cuff to represent the love and support she feels through this ministry – a reminder that your purchase does more than provide financial support. When you see this heart, we hope you feel that love, too!
Thanks to a refugee organization in Maine called The Root Cellar, we were able to connect with two incredible Ethiopian refugee women for the remaining items in this month’s box.  These two women, Tigest and Ziggy, carefully roasted the coffee in this box.  Tigest has been in the United States for 17 years and lives here with her husband and their four children.  She and her husband own their own taxi business that has been affected by the introduction of new ride-share services like Uber. Now, she is praying for a new job and hopes to one day open her own coffee shop and deli. Ziggy, a native of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, came to the United States in 1995.  She and her husband, Peter, have eight children, two of whom are still in Ethiopia. Right now, Peter is in his home country of South Sudan to take care of family matters, so Ziggy is working hard to provide for her family while he is away.  Ziggy also made the crocheted mug cozies you’ll find in this box!
Meet Ziggy


Thank you again for supporting refugees and trafficking survivors through your purchase of this box. We are grateful for your continued support in 2017!

December Box

Merry Christmas! We are so glad you’ve chosen to celebrate by supporting and empowering the vulnerable through Anchor of Hope.  Your support of our mission to bring dignity and empowerment to an often forgotten population means so much to us – and helps us spread a little Christmas cheer! With your purchase, you are directly impacting the lives of refugees, survivors of human trafficking, and their families who are living right here in the United States.

This month’s featured item is an embroidered purse made by women from Thailand’s Hmong Tribe.  The Hmong Tribe is a highly persecuted people group that has been largely displaced from their homelands in Southern China.  Despite political persecution and the heartache of displacement, the Hmong have become known from bright, expressive textiles and beautiful embroidery.  This spirit of color and expression stand in stark contrast to the group’s difficult past, and this optimism is embodied in our special Christmas box.


Also included in this month’s box are a necklace from Starfish Project and an ornament made by a local refugee.  Starfish Project is an amazing partner organization that provides shelter, counseling, and employment assistance from women escaping human trafficking in Asia.  The jewelry created by these women is just a small part of their entire restoration process.  The ornament comes from May Paw, a local Karenni woman who makes jewelry and ornaments out of recycled materials to supplement her large family’s income.  Your purchase is an encouraging way to help May Paw continue to provide for her family.


Thank you again for your support of Anchor of Hope.  Our goal this Christmas season is to restore hope and empower with joy – and this could not be done without you!


October Box

It’s our anniversary! One year ago this month we sent out our first boxes. In that year, some pretty amazing things have happened, all thanks to your support!  We have had the privilege of commissioning countless refugees and survivors of human trafficking to make the handmade items that fill your boxes, watching these men and women support their families through difficult circumstances, and partnering with incredible organizations that are working to empower others. This wouldn’t have happened without you!




This month’s box features a beautiful scarf from Forai, and brand created by a group of refugees from Burma who have been resettled in St. Louis.  Their scarves are made from fair trade fabric that has been hand printed by impoverished women in India.  The second item is a pair of earrings from Starfish Project, an organization that employs women who have been rescued out of human trafficking. Starfish Project also promotes restoration by providing these women and their children with job training, health care, counseling, and education grants.

After receiving wonderful responses to some of our featured artists over the past year, we created a special set of greeting cards that will help you share these artists with your friends and family.  This greeting card set is included in this anniversary box, along with a download link to some special artwork made by Hong, who painted the cherry tree featured in our January box.  You can download this new piece to print in the size of your choice, or save it as your wallpaper. This is a small gift from us to say thank you!

We are so grateful that you have chosen to go on this journey with us. Thank you so much for your support over the past year, and for your continued support as we begin a new one!   


September Box


The “working women” figures in this month’s box were made by Safari, a refugee who began creating art while he lived in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya.  As a young boy, Safari watched his artist father create beautiful things with his hands using supplies like banana leaves and corn husks.  While in the refugee camp where he lived for 9 years, Safari came up with the idea to make these figures to sell to tourists so that he could pay for food.  Eventually, he was able to use his profits to help others in need and he began teaching others to create own their own items to sell for food and supplies.  His figures represent the hardworking people of Africa and a spirit of helping one another.  Even though his life has not been easy, Safari says, “I can do something to help people.”





The second item in this box is an amazing necklace from SoloHope, an organization that helps women artisans in Honduras provide for their families despite desperate circumstances. The necklace is handmade from pine straw and thread, and its profits help artisans overcome extreme poverty in an empowering way. I seriously LOVE this necklace and have worn it almost everyday! Check out all their other great items at www.solohope.org

This is Safari, working on his lovely creations!