April 2018 Box


This handmade basket is from Second Story Goods, an organization that supports impoverished artists in Haiti as they create and sell their handmade goods to push forward for a way of life that is beyond the daily acceptance of things like diarrhea that kills, sexual abuse and children that literally fill their bellies with dirt cookies to stave off hunger and to pay for education.

For these women, the best way to keep their daughters from being trafficked is to educate them and keep them in school. Because school is expensive, earning money by selling handmade goods is one of the best ways these women can support and protect their children.

Embroidered Key Fob

This beautiful key fob from Darzah is embellished with a traditional Palestinian embroidery called “tatreez.” This special type of embroidery is a Palestinian tradition that is usually passed down from generation to generation, mother to daughter.

Darzah’s mission is to create economic opportunities for artisans and their families while also celebrating the traditional Palestinian art of tatreez. The women who participate in the project are refugees who live in the northern West Bank, an area where poverty rates are some of the highest in the region.

Handmade Journal

Prokritee is a non-profit organization in India that provides underprivileged artisans with fair-trade work. The handmade journal in this month’s box is an example of the beautiful work that these artisans do to support their families in a country where poverty rates are sky-high and women’s rights are at their lowest low. The artisans actually make the paper used in this journal and they hand-stamp the designs.

Prokritee’s programs focus on the dignity and creativity of every single worker, so we hope this journal serves as a gracious reminder to you of the strength and resilience of disadvantaged men and women around the world.


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