January 2018 Box

Happy New Year! Thank you for starting your year by supporting refugees, survivors of human trafficking, and other people in vulnerable circumstances through your Anchor of Hope Box subscription.

January Box

subscription box

Wallet by Hmong Tribe

The first item in our January box is a wallet made by the Hmong Tribe in Thailand. The Hmong Tribe is a highly persecuted people group that has been largely displaced from their homelands in Southern China. Despite political persecution and the heartache of displacement, the Hmong have become known for bright, expressive textiles and intricate embroidery. These exciting colors and prints stand in stark contrast to the groups difficult past, and we hope their spirit of optimism will inspire you for the year ahead!


Necklace by Anchor of Hope Artisans

Next, you’ll find a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry by our own artisans. This month, the group of local refugees and survivors of human trafficking is made up of women from Syria, Eritrea, and Sudan. Many in this group are mothers who stay home with small children while others are unable to work due to health concerns, so their work with Anchor of Hope Box is largely their only income. Your support of Anchor of Hope Box continues to help them heal and thrive.


Greeting Card by Hong

The last item in this month’s box is a greeting card made by Hong, a survivor of human trafficking who uses watercolor to heal from past hurts. Hong began painting while living in a shelter for survivors and her art has become an incredible outlet for the hurt and negativity of her past. It is a process that brings her incredible peace that she now shares with you.

hand painted greeting card

Thank you again for your support of Anchor of Hope Box. As you begin 2018, we hope you are inspired by the optimism, determination, and peace reflected in this month’s box!

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  1. The wallet is so beautiful and so useful! Thank you for always putting together the most wonderful boxes. I look forward to receiving mine every month!

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