September Box


The “working women” figures in this month’s box were made by Safari, a refugee who began creating art while he lived in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya.  As a young boy, Safari watched his artist father create beautiful things with his hands using supplies like banana leaves and corn husks.  While in the refugee camp where he lived for 9 years, Safari came up with the idea to make these figures to sell to tourists so that he could pay for food.  Eventually, he was able to use his profits to help others in need and he began teaching others to create own their own items to sell for food and supplies.  His figures represent the hardworking people of Africa and a spirit of helping one another.  Even though his life has not been easy, Safari says, “I can do something to help people.”





The second item in this box is an amazing necklace from SoloHope, an organization that helps women artisans in Honduras provide for their families despite desperate circumstances. The necklace is handmade from pine straw and thread, and its profits help artisans overcome extreme poverty in an empowering way. I seriously LOVE this necklace and have worn it almost everyday! Check out all their other great items at

This is Safari, working on his lovely creations!

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