The Sweetness of a Moment


Can you handle all this preciousness? This sweet little boy is the son of one of our artisans. My daughter and I took their family to enroll him and his siblings in school. They are refugees from the Congo and have only been here a few weeks, but have been so excited about school starting! It took awhile to get everyone enrolled, and on the way home I look in my rear view mirror and spot this happening. My daughter fell asleep on his shoulder and he was so sweet, he didn’t move. He stayed perfectly still to let her rest, then fell asleep himself. The sweetness of the moment almost brought me to tears. How many 6 year old boys do you know that would let someone fall asleep on their shoulder, much less a girl? This family has some of the kindest children I know. Considering all they have been through, it amazes me. I’m so grateful our families get to know each other.
When you subscribe to Anchor Of Hope Box you are directly impacting their lives, you are helping this father support his family. Thank you for partnering with us as we work to empower those around us to overcome.


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