Hope Renewed


We are sitting at my kitchen table, sharing a cup of coffee. Laughing at my ‘American’ coffee maker, Yaisel tells me about Cuba, her homeland, and how they brew a cup there. She tells me how the coffee plant is so strong, that when you climb the mountain to pick the coffee beans, you can hang right on to them to pull yourself up. Can you imagine? Picking your own coffee beans? I bet that’s the best cup of coffee around. She has brought her beautiful daughter, who is happily playing princess with my little girl. I love watching the two of them interact, she speaks softly to her in her original language, hoping her new friend can understand.
She came so we could talk about what she was going to make for the October box, and the more we talked, the more excited I get! I realized this was an answer to her prayers, just as much as it was an answer to mine. Isn’t it cool how God works? She told me about life in Cuba, how she studied art appreciation and worked at a museum. After getting married and having her daughter, she was asked to stay home, and made a living by selling the things she crocheted, knit or embroidered… she could do it all and loved every minute of it.
She is a refugee that has been relocated to America, and her dream is to make a living selling her crafts here as well. She can apply for a loan for refugees to start a small business, but the thought of owning a store intimidated her, so she stopped the process. I encouraged her that there were other ways to sell those items, and I am happy to show her. She would love to stop her factory job and crochet, which is when she feels happiest. Anchor of Hope Box is the perfect start for her, a step in the right direction. With the funds she earns through this she can get set up to continue crafting, creating a website and hopefully get her items in a few stores. And I will walk right beside her for this journey. That’s the goal- the vision here. To empower. To encourage. To bring hope.
Your participation in Anchor of Hope Box is helping this amazing woman, and many more just like her, have hope. Hope because she sees that others care and want to see her succeed. Hope for the future, and for new beginnings. And isn’t that all something we need once in a while?


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